Who we are

A passion for helping patients reach optimal health

At the Canadian BioHealth Center, we are a team of healthcare professionals who are passionate about helping our patients optimize their health through advanced therapy in biological dentistry and continued education.


The core of our treatment philosophy lies in the fact that the health of the mouth is intimately connected to the health of the body. The oral cavity can be a major source of toxicity and contributor to systemic disease. Conversely, systemic issues such as nutritional deficiency, or excessive stress can have destructive consequences on oral health.

The Canadian BioHealth Center was founded in 2023 by Dr. Julian Camastra. After almost a decade of practicing dentistry, mastering the skills demanded in this highly technical profession, Dr. Camastra realized that there was a foundational deficiency with the treatments he was offering to his patients. This deficiency was the lack of appreciation for the connection between the mouth and the rest of the body, something that is not emphasized in traditional dental education. His goal was to bridge the gap between beautiful technical dentistry and whole body vitality, which led him to his studies in the fields of biological dentistry, ancestral nutrition, and functional health.

Dr. Camastra founded the Canadian BioHealth Center under the guiding principle of treating patients the way he would want himself or his family to be treated, employing the best known techniques and most biologically compatible materials available in the world.

The approach we take with our patients is to methodically prepare the body for dental intervention. We do this through nutritional counselling, lifestyle modification, and activation of the various neurological and endocrine responses that contribute to the body’s innate healing system. Our therapies are specifically designed to safely and predictably remove these oral sources of toxicity, and to rehabilitate the oral cavity using the most biologically compatible materials and techniques currently available in the world today. It is through this approach that we are able to help our patients reach their optimal state of health and vitality. 


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About The Canadian BioHealth Center

At the Canadian BioHealth Center, our mission, through our treatments and education, is to help our patients optimize their overall health. As dentists, we tend to limit our focus to the mouth. Patients come to see us with tooth problems and, like a mechanic, we fix them, restoring the patient’s ability to bite and chew with those teeth and also improving their aesthetic appearance. Although these are important functions and crucial procedures for dentists to perform, these treatments are often done without taking the time to consider the underlying reason why tooth problem shave occurred, nor that the remedy and methods employed may indeed carry negative health implications for the patient. The use of metals in dentistry is a good example of this. While metals can make for very strong and durable dental restorative materials, we know that prolonged systemic exposure to metals is not ideal from a health perspective.

For years I explored alternative approaches to dental care that addressed these concerns. In 2022, I met Dr. Karl Ulrich Volz of Swiss Dental Solutions and the Swiss BioHealth Clinic. I learned that Dr. Volz had spent the previous three decades developing the products, protocols and techniques that are needed to address these deficiencies in the dental field. This culminated in May, 2023, when I attended his course in Switzerland and, at the same time, had my own tooth treated with his methods in Biological Dentistry. The experience was so impactful for me that it was then I decided to create the Canadian BioHealth Center and bring this revolutionary treatment concept home to Canada.

Knowing that oral health and overall health are inseparable is at the very foundation of our treatment philosophy. It is truly an honour and a pleasure for us to help and serve you on your journey to optimal health!