For us humans, in our infinite wisdom (or lack thereof), health has become somewhat of a mystery to us. We live in a time where we have virtually unlimited access to information through our online connections, but at the same time, most of us are disconnected from the true nature of our being. This is the great paradox of our time. How can I live in today’s modern world, enjoying all of the incredible things that it has to offer, without compromising my health and vitality?


We could all make the choice right now to quit our jobs, ditch our devices, move to some rural area and live in a cabin in the woods. There, we could grow our own food, hunt, fish, collect firewood, and live a very simple life with our family. In that setting, there would be very little disease. We wouldn’t have worries or fears about the economy, what the government is doing, or what is happening in the world. We would associate with the other people living in our area and that would be it. We would sleep incredibly well because of all the time spent outdoors doing physical work, and because our lives would be in perfect harmony with the rhythms of nature.


From this perspective, health is simple, it would be a byproduct of our way of life. And that is exactly what health is:

Health is a byproduct of our way of life.


Although this sounds like it would be a beautiful way of life, for many reasons, we choose to remain here, in modern society. We want to live in a nice house, have a great career, ski in the Rockies, dive in the Caribbean, eat pizza in Italy, and have a whole host of other life experiences. We want to accomplish our goals and make a difference in the world. Then, we want to live until the ripe old age of 80 or 90 so that we can tell our grandkids all about the exciting and meaningful life we’ve lived. This can also be a beautiful way of life, but this is also where health starts to get complicated, and where we must find balance in creating a life that is conducive to health.


Can I have my cake and eat it too?

We tend to outsource most things in our lives, and this includes our health. We have a different doctor for every body part, and when we have a problem, we expect them to “fix” us, so that we can continue on living the same way that lead to the problem in the first place. This is a recipe for failure, and the fundamental reason why we continue to see rates of chronic disease increase decade after decade, despite all of our research and advancements in healthcare.


Health can not be outsourced, it can not be bought or sold, and it can not be insured. Health can only be lived, that is the only way. There are some wonderful healthcare practitioners out there, who can play an important role in helping us on our individual journeys, but it starts with each of us accepting full responsibility for our own health.